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Miranda Tarkin
Jun 22nd, 2006, 09:43:10 AM
Please contact Morgan Evanar on AIM/PM for questions.

Black Nebula is going to essentially become the illiegitimate invisible arm of Miranda's government, sometimes under the auspices of corporate rivalrys or gang activity. I will try to have a more direct, guiding hand regarding activity. I am very open to ideas.

Black Nebula FAQ

What is Black Nebula?

Her rivalry with Sasseeri Reeouurra had turned into a bitter tasting stalemate for Sorsha Kasajian. By rights, Black Sun was hers, having more wealth and power then her Cizerack counterpart. With the secret backing of, now, Empress Tarkin, Sorsha could easily kill Reeouurra and claim sole ownership of Black Sun.

Instead, a more devious plot came to fruition. Kasajian broke away and formed Black Nebula to run the feline out of business just for spite.

Black Nebula is a vast criminal organization that has considerable power and influence in the known galaxy. Our network is so extensive that we rival the power of the Empires … and can be just as ruthless if required.

Who works for Black Nebula?

Blacks Nebula's activities hasn't change and still run the spectrum. Smuggling, Slicing, Money Laundering, Fencing Stolen Goods, Storing Stolen Goods, Gambling, Gunrunning, Slaving, Extortion and Assassination.

Is there any type of ranking system?

Sorsha Kasajian is our Queen and controls Black Nebulas assets. Those that take orders from her directly are Lieutenants. They are her eyes and ears. Under them are Enforcers. Trained in various forms of intimidation and torture, they punish any clients or members of Black Nebula that step out of line.

What are the major planets we congregate on?

Black Sun has bases of operation on Coruscant, Kuat, Rodia, Tatooine, and Nar Shaddaa.

How do I join?

Please post or private message one of the moderators of Black Nebula so we can discuss your character. We just want to get a general idea of what your character will be doing for Black Nebula and how they shall be introduced to the organization.

How well Known is the organization to the outside world?

Black Nebula is still an organization that inspires fear and respect. The entire galaxy knows of us, but there are only rumblings of our split from Black Sun. The word is spreading fast like wild fire.

Regardless, our existence is known but beings are too afraid to go against us. That is the power we wield. The Empire knows of us and deals with us begrudgingly. Our designs for the galaxy do not rival that of the Imperial regime, but there are at times when common interests cause us to bump heads occasionally.

Who is in charge?

IC – Sorsha Kasajian and Miranda Tarkin (secretly :mischief) OOC – The entire group members. We’re here to have fun, not be bossy!

Wait? Miranda? Empress Tarkin!?

Yes you would be correct. Once upon a time, Miranda Tarkin was just a simple, beloved citizen of the Empire that served under COMPNOR. The Tarkins and Kasajians have known each other for a long time before the births of their children; so Miranda and Sorsha are the best friends. What is not known is Miranda’s secret dealings with Black Sun/Nebula through Sorsha. She has been funding Sorsha’s coup. Also, their relationship goes beyond friendship. Knowing that their intimate relationship would be frowned upon, they’ve kept that hidden as well. Remember, that the above is strict OOC knowledge.

So everyone knows Sorsha right?

No, that isn't the case. No one sees our leader without an appointment, and you shouldn't just assume that everyone knows who they are and what their connection is to Black Nebula. The beauty of our organization is that everyone has a suspicion to who is part of us, but there is never any proof.