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Raurn Tarplas
Jun 14th, 2006, 06:05:12 PM
There was an excitement unrivaled drawling across the area. A harmony of feet played eternally through the durasteel jungle. Species of all kind stampeded along side speeders. Not a single non-humanoid could be found about the bunch without a face of distress. Even with the broad sense of enthusiasm, humans still reigned supreme. Amid the busy voyage throughout the flashy headlines running a top complex doors, and walls were plastoid troopers. Stormtroopers could often be found within all herds across the whole galaxy, and nothing less could be expected at the center of the Imperial operation.

Coruscant carried a note that no other planet could play. The melancholy, bittersweet tone denoted all prior beliefs herald in such areas as the Senate, CoCo and Palace Districts. Uscru Entertainment District provided the truth, but it wasn't as harsh as it could get. It was a taste, a nibble of the pain found even in the heart of the galaxy. Many called the agonizing land home, but Jaarn Tii didn't despite all the fame he attained on the world. Vigor was in its essence and it could be felt in the Togruta's soul from his first step in Westport.

The sweetness, which cascaded the sour middle, was the entertainment. Uscru provided it in the bundles, and was the fallen athletes first stop. On stage he felt at home, playing on improv with an unfamiliar band in the Snapping Sepoid. People listened with glee, while others converse indifferent at the bar. Everything fell into place, from the blow of his kloo horn, touches of omni box and beats of the nalargon. The tune swung punches of passion and thrill. Feet could be seen throughout the crowd possessed, continuously beating to the ground in cadence.

Falling into recline as his solo ended, the band took to a forward bow. Initially they gained a subtle applause, but Togruta was in no way unnerved. In moments time the claps burst into a cheer. Jaarn had done well. Before a single face could remember him and his fateful career as a Grav-baller, he was out the door. Even the bartender searched with curiosity. Talent was always hard to find.

He had an appointment, as always. Recently he had altered his life from leisure to diligence. Very few moments, such as the one in the cantina, were allowed. Enjoyment escaped him, and in replacement came a goal. The appointment was just another pazaak move for an eventual win. Heading aboard the nearest taxi speeder, he was off toward the Taapes District.

Words weren't hard to come by, especially with his growing notoriety. People always talked, and therefore people were easy to find. Some, like Jaarn, were harder, but the he had been told once the persistent attained all. The young Togruta took those words to heart, taking to it's power as he ventured into the underbrush of the Black Sun. Almost three standard weeks had past since his idea's wake. There was always need to form alliances.

Distribution was not a line work that was easy in any format. The galaxy, though with more voids than surface, was commonly turf of others. In the end there was always reasons to align with an organization, and who better than the infamous Black Sun. The Black Sun name could be heard since his birth date, renown for their vice grip of the underworld. Since the fall of Jabba, the Hutts were not much, at least in comparison to Jabba's strong operation. All throughout the Outer Rim people looked upon the villainous Hutt with fear. A terror untouched, even by the Black Sun. Yet that had changed in recent months. Jaarn just hoped to get a piece of the pie remaining. He had a build to keep fit, no need to be greedy.

Abruptly the taxi speeder came to a stop. It was clear…the driver was uncomfortable. The district held hardiness, unseen in many other's across the Coruscant worldly metropolis. A smile came to Jaarn at the thought, allowing him to bare the Togruta's toothy jewels. Leaping out, he paid the driver. Commonly he would follow the exchange with a wave, but before his hand could lift the man was off. All Jaarn could do was shake his head, before he took a swift turn.

At his waist was a belt, while his body was draped in the fine wear. He wasn't easily distinguishable, but he managed to uphold class. However the season beckoned for more than the normal attire. About him lay a cloak, dangling as a cover to the foreign artifact at his waist. It was some sort of forgotten hilt, but it matter none. Even a studious eye could catch it.

Finally he reached the door, prepared. Hopefully this wouldn't be a waste of time.

[Note: In the title, Jizz (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jizz) is a word that derives from the playing of music that the Modal Nodes and Max Rebo do. It is similiar to Jazz. If there are any further questions, give me a PM or simply check the link.]

Sasseeri Reeouurra
Jun 14th, 2006, 07:04:31 PM



Sasseeri flicked another piece of crumpled flimsy off her desk with a manicured finger, and checked her chrono. There was an appointment coming in, something a little more interesting that what she'd entertained recently. Business at the Nabooian Queen was good, and her other, less legal, enterprises were going well also.

That Sorsha witch hadn't bothered her in months, but it was just as well. Sasseeri didn't have the patience for another 'meeting' like the last one.

"Ms. Reeouurra? Your -"

"Send hjim jin!" The half-breed Cizerack straightened up in her seat and checked her platinum blonde hair in a hand mirror that she quickly hid inside her desk. Jaarn Tii was a name she'd heard before, but he didn't run in the exalted circles of Black Sun. He probably wanted to, and that's why he was here.

Raurn Tarplas
Jun 14th, 2006, 07:19:47 PM
The sole of his feet sled across the carpet with an sheer smooth. It had been a while since he had felt his nerves at edge, and though he was at ease, there was an uncertainty in him. However, from the numerous encounters with the media he had achieved a specialty in the art of shelling his feelings. This was no different, and so he played his role.

As the meaningless employee led him through the corridors, he primped his outfit. There wasn't a thing wrong with his attire, but habits were hard to kill. Brushing his shoulders of the unseen dirt, he entered the room. A smirk slashed his feature, leaving a pearly gleam to shimmer from his sharp-toothed smile. Normally the Togruta's mouth was a tool of a prey, but now it was an indicator. He liked what he saw. The office was fine, and even further accented by an exotic woman. He rarely saw Cizerak, even in his days traveling with the team.

Before he could even be addressed he was in a chair. Taking only one shallow breathe, he jumped out of the silence.

"I'm interested. Interested in this..." He waited a moment. Jaarn never was a fast talker. He much rather his words be understood, then be shot out like a blaster. "Black Sun. And I know you can help me with my points of interest."

Jaarn didn't like wasting time.

Sasseeri Reeouurra
Jun 15th, 2006, 10:34:52 PM
"Do you now." Sasseeri's ears flattened against her head. "Let me guess: powerrr, weath, and a posjitjion wjith my orrrganjizatjion."

The half-breed rolled her eyes, and revealed the blaster she had been holding on him from under her desk. "Do not move, Jaarrrn Tjii." The alien sat still as Kal Olorin, her right hand man, quickly scanned him for recording devices and weapons that might not have been detected at the door to the casino. Kal nodded, and moved back to disappear into the background of the room. Sasseeri shrugged, and replaced the blaster into the holster under her desk.

"You arrre verrry rrrude, for a Togrrruta." The crime boss raised one eyebrow, and continued, "jI know about you, Jaarrrn Tjii. But jI am currrjious as to what you thjink you know about... me."

Raurn Tarplas
Jun 15th, 2006, 11:00:44 PM
Jaarn's eyes were crystals, polished and without a stain. Even as the blaster was revealed, he stared forth, looking calmly into the Cizerak's own. They were not a match. From her quickness to violence, she seemed uneasy. It was only to be expected. Very few Togruta mingled in the underworld, much less those who had once caught fame. Notoriety of illicit kind came from the shadows, not the flash of holovids to be posted the next day in HoloNet.

Although the hands running across his body led to a discomfort, he showed no signs. Instead his face stayed as a stone, glaring with a void of emotion forward. Albeit he had many assumptions, especially with the sudden shift from the once normal situation into a near altercation, he knew not to voice them. This was still business, despite his rather forward introduction.

"I don't know a thing about you," He glanced off to the side, finally. Once more he took in the world he had found himself. A luxurious carpet lay underneath his feet, while the desk ahead was exotic. Everything about the room held some sense of lavish and fashion, but he could care less. Formalities and aspect of luxury were far from his mind at this point. Instead, he saw these things as details to examine for further knowledge of it's owner.

Looking back once more, he gazed upon Sasseeri.

"And I'm not interested in power, wealth or a position in your organization." Finally his voice softened, allowing him to smile. "I'm here to talk about a place in your life. I hope that doesn't mean the same thing."

Sasseeri Reeouurra
Jun 16th, 2006, 12:15:18 AM
Her ears flicked back and forth before settling back against her skull once more. "jIf you know nothjing about me, yet come to my place of busjiness prrrofessjing a knowledge of Black Sun, then you arrre verry stupjid. Somethjing jI djid not expect."

Kal stepped forward once more, his Blastech pistol leveled at the Togruta male. He waited for an order from his mistress.

Sasseeri leaned forward slightly, pearly white teeth flashing as she spoke. "Yourrr jimpudence annoys me. You don't want money or powerrr, but a place jin my... ljife. You hope that bejing jin my ljife doesn't mean you wjill aquirrre money or powerrr." Her voice rose, "What you wjill get jis kjilled jif you contjinue to talk jin these rrrjiddles!"

Raurn Tarplas
Jun 16th, 2006, 09:45:15 AM
"Respect is all I want."

The gleam of her teeth caught his eyes. She spoke with an accelerated voice, but an accent that could even be frowned upon by Neimoidians. Yet, his eyes swayed from a gaze into a gander. Sasseeri was a spectacle indeed. Jaarn had always been fascinated by the Cizerak woman, almost to an infatuation. Their skin just looked so darn soft.

Then, abruptly, he shocked himself back into reality. Most would sweat in such situations, but instead he had managed to become relax, so much that it showed in his mind traveling off. He did not like that about himself. And no better time to change than the present.

"I know your name. I know your a high official of the Black Sun. And I have extensive knowledge of your power, and strength of the organization.

However, I don't know you. How could I when all I see is distrust?"

Jaarn's eyes referenced to the blasters, and Kal. Despite the rather abrupt change in mood it was the only time Kal had fallen upon his eyes. The man seemed very stern, unlike his counterpart. Sasseeri carried an overpowering voice, and for some reason he liked that. Just not enough to concede to her banter. He disliked raised voices, so he continued to speak soft, with elegance.

"If you trust me, hopefully we can enjoy each other's company m'lady. Power will come, but that is not my aim."

Sasseeri Reeouurra
Jun 16th, 2006, 12:52:11 PM
ooc: Cizerack do not have fur. They do have a matriarchal society and a distaste for halfbreeds. Full Cizerack have striped skin, halfs and mixes do not. They do have cat like ears, senses, and tails, as well as being much stronger than a human. /ic:

"jI do not enjoy the company of others." She frowned. "And the ljittle knowledge you do have jis only just enough to get you kjilled. jIf you wanted my rrrespect, you have not done enough homeworrrk to earrrn jit."

Raurn Tarplas
Jun 16th, 2006, 01:13:32 PM
((OOC: My fault. Time to slit my wrist for the stupidity :( (heh) ))

The tension built, and Jaarn could only stand on with disgust. Although everything seemed to crumble before him, he managed to keep calm outer shell. Meanwhile inside his mind raced like a Dug through the tracks of ideas. Not a single thing could easily revert the subject back into place, at least not now.

Hopefully he could die here and now. That way the annoyance of his own voice pestering him about the possibilities later on wouldn't drive him to jumping off a building. He chuckled at the thought, but it was light and short. Once again, his mind was off in space.

"S-s-so what now?" He stammered purposely. Somehow he mustered a smile out of that. At times he was easily amused. However it wasn't the stammer, it was his sudden change in demeanor. Albeit never stiff person, he rarely carried an absolute confidence without merit. Even in his days as superstar Grav-baller, he needed compliments for such behavior. How he craved the spot-light.

And so he beckoned it. Without a single motion of the hand, an exquisite lamp floated from the desk. It staggered slightly as it scooted through the air to Jaarn's open palm. The trick had taken nearly a year to grasp, but he was young then and hadn't tampered with such behavior since his days before the Grav-Ball League. Finally, his voice returned. He was cool, collective and at ease.

"But seriously. I am here as a student..." Jaarn cruised over to the seat. Dropping the lamp in it's rightful place, he continued. "I just want a piece of distribution out a long the Corellian Run, with in return a help with one of your friends."

The Togruta paused there, his eyes finding the half-breed's.

"Sorsha her name, right?"

Sasseeri Reeouurra
Jun 16th, 2006, 01:25:25 PM
She barked out a laugh, "Sorrrsha?" Sasseeri reached over the desk and pulled her lamp closer to her side, protectively. A rare antique shouldn't be thrown around by amateurs. Well, not by experts either. The expense!

"You want my help with Sorrrsha." Things were starting to make sense. "What seems to be the prrroblem?"

Raurn Tarplas
Jun 16th, 2006, 02:06:04 PM
Jaarn smirked at the response. Not the words, but her actions. All but her species had changed about her as the name trickled from his lips. Even her extensive protection of the antique left a slight chuckle to be reserved for later. She was definitely an amusing being, in more than one way.

"Jabba's playground." After the Hutt's faithful death, much had altered about the Hutt's Empire and the horrific dust ball Tatooine. Jabba had control over numerous aspects of the galaxy, and from his fall there were many pieces to be placed in other puzzles.

Jaarn just wanted a few pieces.

"She seems to be the next in reign, despite her...differences." Many across the galaxy sided with him. People disputed over her succession of the grand Hutt. She was simply a human, or so it seemed, and would be the least expected to replace a slug.

However, Jaarn was not apart of such foolish debates on rudimentary level. Underlings whispered about it, meanwhile he over listen with contemplation. All things could eventually benefit him and his plans. Even this disaster of a conversation. "I have even heard about rumors of a campaign to take control over Tatooine."

"I had a small business that I was hoping to broaden around there, but with her grip over the land it seems there is no room to play."

He frowned, intentionally. Extra acts were at times beneficial in proving a point.

Sasseeri Reeouurra
Jun 17th, 2006, 01:25:00 PM
To set Jaarn up to attempt to take over the old Hutt's slave and spice empire on the desert planet was tempting. He would cost her competition time and energy and Sasseeri would be free to play elsewhere.

"jI too have hearrrd these rrrumorrrs." She pursed her lips, cocking her head to the side as she studied the male across the desk from her. "But jif yourrr busjiness jis small, you should have gone to Kasajian, not me. Got jin on the grrround level."

Sasseeri shook her head. He was probably a plant from Sorsha, trying to draw her out into more direct warfare! "No, jI wjill not help you wjith your Tatoojine prrroblem."

But if Sorsha took Tatooine, then the Corellian Run would be bottlenecked at it's end. If the planet were more centrally located it would be disastrous, but as it was the witch would only have a strong presence at the end of the Run.

Raurn Tarplas
Jun 17th, 2006, 02:02:20 PM
"I said I had a small business there."

Jaarn's eyes glanced once more at the protected lamp. It was quite exquisite. He wondered if he could eventually get it in his office. Such an addition could leave a last touch to his beautiful array of ornaments organized a top his smooth carpet.

"Not a small business. I would not seek you out if I had just a few credits to pinch at."

The young idealist eyebrow lifted in though, his forehead forming lines in the process. He wondered for a moment, but before he could materalize the idea he booked it for later reference.

"Shutting down my operations across Hutt Space, under the previous mandate of Jabba, and re-coordinating them from Tatooine could provide a nice percentage in your pocket."

"Also, my business isn't limited to slaves and spices. I deal also in the Galactic Civil War. My specs are not simple, my lord."

Sasseeri Reeouurra
Jun 21st, 2006, 01:42:37 AM
Sasseeri waved her hand dismissively, but inside she was growing more and more irritated. "The Cjivjil Warrr jis not a concerrrn of mjine." She looked over at Kal, and took a deep breath as she was momentarily distracted by him. He held the blaster so... confidently.

Returning her attention to the Togruta across from her, Sass cocked her head to the side. Maybe she could turn him over to Tear - no, no! She hated that son of a -

"'I'll gjive you some frrree advjice. jIf you have operrratjions acrrross Hutt Space, shuttjing them down to coorrrdjinate frrrom Tatoojine would be a terrrjible jidea. Especjially sjince the cljimate therrre jis... hostjile to newcomerrrs." She stood up, stretched, and pointed towards the door. "Yourrr busjiness plan sucks. We'rrre done herrre."

Raurn Tarplas
Jun 21st, 2006, 04:18:47 PM
Jaarn nodded, yawned and was gone. He rather not dwell on the failed attempt.