View Full Version : If You Give a Sajoi a Cookie...

Sasseeri Reeouurra
Oct 21st, 2005, 08:18:03 PM
Sasseeri closed the door to the refresher on the droid the Grand Inquisitor had 'given' her, locking it inside. "Olorrrjin!"

He was behind her, an ice pack on his head. "Yeah?"

"Get a closet set up forrr ourrr guest, and have a dampenjing fjield set up arrround jit. jI don't want anythjing gettjing to the drrrojid, orrr bejing sent frrrom jit unless jI want jit to." She spoke as she walked towards the penthouse kitchen, her bodyguard following behind.

The half-breed Cizerack turned to see him standing across the kitchen from her, and snapped, "Well? What arrre you wajitjing forrr?" She glared at him until he left, tossing the coldpack into the expansive sink. She twitched her nose, and pulled open the refrigerator unit looking for food.

Sasseeri yanked a platter of prepared fish out of the unit, setting it on the kitchen island and removing the protective film the chef had sealed it with. A side of bantha ribs and a large bowl of something blue and full of protein joined the fish, and she poured herself a tumbler of wine. Instead of sitting down, she attacked the food standing up with a ferocity born out of frustration. That ... man had sat before her and mocked her. He had stolen her cargo, and then returned only three quarters of it.

And he expected an astronomical amount of credits as his reward for unveiling her and then promising to keep her little empire together. And he expected her to allow his droid free reign in her life!

She took a large swallow of the red wine, and heard the doors opening and shutting. Sasseeri pressed a button in the side of the island, and swept the food scraps to one side as the surface became clear and then resolved into little holoscreens displaying every room in the penthouse. A small holo of Kal waved at the hidden camera as three workmen started examining a closet in the hardly-used gaming room. She grumbled, and switched off the screens, returning the countertop to it's opaque, stone finish.

Something would have to be done about the new business arrangments. And soon.