View Full Version : The Black Hand

  1. *A hunched figure approached Bast castle*
  2. Incoming Tranmission:
  3. A ship enters through the atmosphere.....
  4. *Hob enters with a floating Card.*
  5. The return of the gatekeep.
  6. * Flutters from his ship*
  7. I need your help Jeseth
  8. Studying spirits.
  9. The Morning After
  10. Overcast [The Training of Ebon Dir - I]
  11. An Audience
  12. walks into the black hand with a purpose...
  13. Sparring with Sorsha.
  14. A Jedi; What is a Jedi?
  15. A furtherance of study.
  16. A Cold hearted woman enters the Black Hand....