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  1. A Night at the Bar.......(Open)
  2. A reason to be Damned (Colar)
  3. A New Partner, A New Bounty(Closed:Zack)
  4. Close to Death....
  5. Gaurdian of Darkness... (repost)(Soths)
  6. Mortal Gods: Hold Me When I'm Scared
  7. Mortal Gods: The Demon Moon
  8. I hate you (open)
  9. Kuklos Ataxia F.A.Q.
  10. Introductions with a Monster
  11. The Spectacular Arrival of the Great Arch Dandy!
  12. Mortal Gods: Night Walker [completed]
  13. Scorched Monster Onna Platter
  14. Trial by Fire [complete]
  15. The Road to Maturity (open)
  16. Shell games (Daria)
  17. Dead Man Walking
  18. A Night at the Club
  19. Tedious Tedium (open to anyone)
  20. Well then...(Alpha)
  21. And so it begins (De'Ville)
  22. Welcome to Onderon
  23. You know it's bad when...
  24. Rite of Passage (Jared)
  25. Down a Peg [completed]
  26. A new emergance. (completed)
  27. Sympathy for the Devil. [complete]
  28. Two shadows passing (Complete)
  29. Stowaway Apprentice [complete]
  30. Meeting of the Circle (all 'knights' and 'masters')
  31. Dark Dealings (Ishan)
  32. The Cold
  33. - Enter the Mage -
  34. A new kind of corruption: Salem Ave
  35. Dark is the Moon (Warlock)
  36. Destinies: Bare Feet (Razielle and open)
  37. The Seducing Dark (Completed)
  38. Resident Evil (Jezebella Shadana)
  39. Teaching the Unteachable [Ishmel's Training 2]
  40. Alien Life Form [completed]
  41. Destinies: Fury [completed]
  42. A Hunting We Will Go [open]
  43. Twilight on Kashyyyk
  44. The first meeting (Raz)
  45. Destinies: Hunting Party
  46. Nightime Playground (Jared)
  47. Things that go bump in the night (open)
  48. A First Time for Everything (Silus Xilarian)
  49. Backtracking (Daria)
  50. A brief return home
  51. What the dog dragged in
  52. Unholy Alliance: Unlock my chains.
  53. It always stings...
  54. So Damn Busy
  55. A Vial Full of Fate (Naj)
  56. A Vial Full of Fate (Naj)
  57. Small Problems: (Han)
  58. Embracing the Mind's Eye.
  59. A royal quandary...
  60. Four Moons