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  1. :: Chibi Buru walks onto the BG ::
  2. Two Jedi Padawans enter the BG..........
  3. Message to the Jedi...
  4. A Jedi Padawan Stepped Forth
  5. Just bring it...
  6. Sitting at a conference table
  7. Sailing through the doors of Yog's...
  8. 2 Jedi Masters take a walk along a river (OPEN)
  9. They may win the battles...
  10. 2 Sith warriors step out into the BG
  11. *Return*
  12. By a stream..
  13. Danny boy time to practice
  14. Daniel and Callista Training
  15. BASIC FORCE MOVES CLASS: For Unassigned Padawans
  16. Jedi Cadet Sparring
  17. I just need to try a little harder... By: Jeseth
  18. Jedi Teka Kenobi Training
  19. Hunk, it's time (Training)
  20. Self Training (Control Powers) by: Nichos
  21. Link Starstryder Sparring
  22. Ami and Damel...please
  23. I feel like sparring... by: Amichan24
  24. Benison, Come Forward And Let Your Training Begin
  25. Jedi Enahs Training
  26. Kaine vs Anakis
  27. Watches from the shadows... By: Satine
  28. Jedi Knight AL's Training
  29. JediBeldarine, training starts again
  30. Randd's Personial Training.
  31. *dragon walks in...
  32. Angellink11 report for training
  33. Master Sage... Posted: Jubei S. Vader
  34. Returns to the Training Grounds By: Tamrak
  35. Jake Starstryder's Training
  36. Karian Starstryder Training
  37. Brandel Valico, your training begins here...
  38. ATTN: All Masters and Padawans
  39. Attn: Jedi Council Requesting a Master Trial.
  40. **Walks into her new room....**
  41. Cerasi and Gaven spar
  42. *Nichos walks in*
  43. *jumps up into the rafters* HEY!!
  44. *Danster enters his room*
  45. **moves into her new room**
  46. * moves into the LQ *
  47. Walks through the hallways...
  48. Hart's Room Thread
  49. Over. It's Over.
  50. Warren
  51. Anbira walks into Yogs
  52. A room, per chance?
  53. *Buying a Drink...*
  54. Walks into his room...
  55. :: At the other end of the bar...::
  56. Bows as he enters....
  57. Enters once again
  58. ::Sits and waits for his master, Hart...
  59. Getting to know you
  60. A request...
  61. ::Walks into Randd's Old Garden
  62. Tessa Rendahl's Training
  63. The Self Training of Jedi Hazzard
  64. Spar.
  65. Sanis walks into Yog's
  66. Jedit Quarv's Training
  67. *working on new droids*
  68. :: Fae Suddenlly appears...
  69. Fae
  70. Derek walks in..
  71. Time to unpack again...
  72. ::strolls in and hops up to the bar::
  73. :: stalks..I mean, looks for Sage ::
  74. Spar Anyone??
  75. *looking for a sparrin' partner*
  76. *Nichos walks in*
  77. Path of the Jedi.
  78. Derek and Myrtle, your training begins.
  79. Krell Solusar's Training
  80. Austin's Dorm
  81. I am ready...
  82. A Lone Jedi Sits Down
  83. *walking*
  84. Hey, Sage...
  85. Jedi lightsaber
  86. Wherrre jis Sage Hazzarrrd?
  87. Master Sage...
  88. Walks into his room...
  89. Mr. Boombastic
  90. :: Flies into her new home...
  91. Sanis walks in
  92. Leia.
  93. I request permission to train Leeloo Mina
  94. Walking in with peace of mind...
  95. *enters the bar and grill*
  96. **Looks around for..... Lando Calrissian**
  97. Fett walks in
  98. ::Arrives.....finally::
  99. Jubei returns to Yog's from morning calisthenics
  100. ::waits for Sage Hazzard::
  101. Faceing An Old Friend
  102. ::takes a seat::
  103. :: At the other end of the bar...::
  104. Requesting a master...
  105. **Obi sits down at a table, hoping Leia will...**
  106. ::takes a nap at a table::
  107. **Walks in**
  108. *Walks into Cerasi's quarters...*
  109. Finally ... Home ...
  110. Enters Yogs Timidly
  111. Patiently Waiting For Selena Kyle....
  112. Seeking a Master
  113. Walks in Quietly
  114. Fae's Training Begins
  115. Xan's Training Begins
  116. Jubei's quarters
  117. **Walksss jin and sjits down
  118. *Enters the recruitment center.*
  119. *Sits down at the bar.*
  120. *Enters her new room.*
  121. Walks in...
  122. Stumbles into his room...
  123. Knocks on a door that says "Cerasi"
  124. *leans on the wall of the traning grounds*
  125. Raven wanders in.
  126. Quetly taps on the shoulder of his Mistress
  127. Sanis saunters in
  128. Kaine entered his room.
  129. A walk..(closed)
  130. Artemis Jinn's Training
  131. Waiting for Dlayer...
  132. *inside of a storage room*
  134. *Leaves his quarters*
  135. Dio and Sib sparring
  136. *moving, again*
  137. Leans over the bar...
  138. ::Lays Beldarine on the grounds of the Garden...
  139. Checks his rifle at the door....
  140. The Council requests the following Padawans to ..
  141. Promotion of a Jedi Knight to Jedi Master
  142. ::Waits to speak to Beldarine
  143. Stopping in for a few drinks
  144. Awaiting his Master...
  145. Dio Blackmoon's Training
  146. ::Lands his new V-Wing in the Garden.
  147. Heya y'all...ya miss meh?
  148. :: A Jedi Master walks in::
  149. I think the days are getting longer
  150. Dinner for Two (Closed Please)
  151. Spar
  152. Sitting alone...
  153. At the end of the bar
  154. ORDER UP! (For male cat thingy)
  155. Looks Left and then Right ...
  156. ::Sits down::
  157. Sits at a table, waiting for Reaperfett
  158. The Bar Bouncer returns
  159. Sits in Master Yoghurt's B&G...
  160. *Waits for Cerasi...*
  161. I wish to become a Jedi.
  162. ::Thinks about joining::
  163. Master Yurza, Your training begins.
  164. To the Council and Jedi Masters (promotion)
  165. Kaine Darklighter (Justa Spar...)
  166. Guidence
  167. Perhaps it is time to wipe the slate
  168. Dragon
  169. Walks in, somewhat embarrassed.
  170. Merrrrrroooooowwwwrrrrrr!!!!
  171. A final plea to the Council...
  172. Alpha walks in...
  173. Moves into his new room.
  174. Got a job for me?
  175. ::A young man enters.....::
  176. Looking around for Sanis
  177. Why did it end so fast? (Now open)
  178. **Abruptly Smashes The Door of the B &G wide open*
  179. :: A Jedi Master walks in ::
  180. ::Chaos starts to train::
  181. ::Paul, now a Padawan, walks into his new room::
  182. Jedi Knight seeks master
  183. Master i must talk.
  184. The absent knight walks in...
  185. Jedi Council
  186. Kiranna Organa's Training.
  187. Self training
  188. Meditation
  189. :a padawan enters hoping for a spar:
  190. :walks into his new room:
  191. A Jedi Master enters with an important request.
  192. *Looks at the bar banner*
  193. Spar (Dio vs Nichos)
  194. Walks into her room
  195. Before the Jedi
  196. Yurza opens his door for the party
  197. Jedi Knight AL
  198. *Enters The Jedi Recruitement Center*
  199. Fae, Wind and Xan Step Forward for Training
  200. Jedi Padawan JediBeldarine, please step forward
  201. Probing Yavin IV
  202. Master Markis arrives at the Jedi Academy
  203. *a friend's last wish*
  204. *A Young woman enters*
  205. *Usagi walks in and looks around...
  206. Obi....I'm ready for my training
  207. ::Walks silently to Tamrak's door at midnight...
  208. :: A Jedi Master walks in - again::
  209. Alpha plops down on his bed...
  210. Alpha walks in. "I need help..."
  211. Darth Turbogeek, do you fancy a spar?
  212. (Council)Dan Skywalker, Padawan
  213. Leeloo Mina, report for training.
  214. Training Of Ferin
  215. Any Mastres care for a spar?
  216. I wish to become a jedi
  217. "Dragon Step Forward."
  218. Return to the Bar and Grill....
  219. *Walks In Depressed* (Open RP)
  220. Mebbekew arrives,
  221. Knight vs Master
  222. I wish to join...
  223. Quietly Drinking her Juice
  224. *Quietly enters the bar*
  225. I wish to learn the ways of the Jedi...
  226. A newcomer enters the bar
  227. Pathway to the Light
  228. Sanis walks into the bar...wearing a suit
  229. Now you know why I'm friendly to the Jedi
  230. Tales of the Broke Assasin: Drinks on me
  231. Before the Jedi Council
  232. Waiting...
  233. The beginning of Kree-arr
  234. Sitting in the corner, having a drink...
  235. I wish to learn...
  236. Cloud Selestor's Training
  237. To the Council
  238. I'm not food!