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  1. Our Time
  2. Provocatrice
  3. Shadows (Alazne Gni)
  4. How to join in Sith Order activities
  5. Crazy Train
  6. OOC: Academy Grounds
  7. Equivalent Exchange (Razadi)
  8. Dealing Under the Table
  9. OOC: the Hara Kiri rescue story...
  10. Glad Tidings of Shiny Rocks
  11. Sith Holocron: The Tanaab Force Academy
  12. Joining the Sith Order
  13. Guess Who's Coming to Tanaab? (Sianna)
  14. The Histories of the Sith (Sianna)
  15. Your New Forever Home
  16. Rise and Fall (Ezra)
  17. A means to an end
  18. Crossroads (Jinsala)
  19. That Which Is Dead May Never Die
  20. Heart of Darkness